Nov 3, 2010

Discoveries (Helpful Ones)

So y'all are thinking that it's about time for another post?

Well so am I.


Hmm, how about some discoveries that I made recently? Writing-related, of course. Here we go:

So yesterday I was browsing my Youtube favorited videos, and found a demo of swords by Darksword Armory. I decided to visit their site and check out their inventory, and I found that I really liked it. Although it doesn't have as much volume or variety as a lot of other medieval sites, they have a nice setup and feel very clean and easy to navigate. And their This site is a really good source for pictures because of the clear views of the weapons themselves. They also feature some very nice test videos of the swords and their *heh heh* destructive power. Their portfolio of each sword is very informative with a bit of history about each one.
All this can be found at the Darksword Armory website.

Yes, this is a Dungeons and Dragons generator. No, I don't do D & D. I have, however, found that some of their material is very useful for writing. Take, for instance, this gen. You can input the first letter and last letter of the name, the first letter of the surname, the character's race, and other things to give it a specific feel. There are various name generators I like to use but this one was the most helpful one I've discovered recently, so I am most generously sharing it with you. *elegant bow*
The generator can be found at this location.
Other generators I like to use are Chaotic Shiny, Seventh Sanctum, and Yafnag.

One more before I have to go:

Alright, admit it. Most of you writers have injured a character at one point or another. Yes? So now that we have that established, I have observed that it is rather difficult to injure someone when you don't know how precisely that person is built. I only found this site a couple days ago, but I can already tell it's going to be very, very helpful. It offers large and detailed diagrams and explanations of almost every conceivable part of the body. I have yet to explore the rest of the site, but it appears to be interesting and I will keep you posted on that.
This can be found at Bartleby, Great Books Online.

Let me know what you think of these!


Anonymous said...

Wow, these are great! tried the sword one, and now my characters all have swords for me to work off of. :)

Shawn Henderson

Anthony Rosenthal said...

I love the blog, looks nice :) I'd like to know how you got the Holy Worlds thing on there. I have the website posted, but not a cool picture link like that. And now after reading your blog, I'm going to go look at swords. I'm a bit of a collector myself and your page just inspired me to look at things I can't afford right now lol.