Jan 20, 2014

Guest post at Sarah Coons' blog

I swear I'm very sorry to have to keep posting-and-running like this. But what with one thing and another my motivation was apparently brutally murdered when I came down with the flu a few weeks ago. However, I scraped enough of it together to make a post on Sarah Coons' blog, My Double Living. Here it is:

And since this is a text post, not an image post, I can give you a preview:

Ideas are like constellations. Sometimes they’re bright and clear, so compelling that they demand to be stared at. Sometimes they’re obstinate, only looking right if you lean back and squint at them. Sometimes they’re too shy to be seen directly at all, and you have to pretend you’re not looking at them to find out what they are. But if you stare at something directly for long enough, even something clear and brilliant, you begin to lose focus. You blink, rub your eyes, anything to keep it where it should be. But focus, like starlight, is an elusive thing. You get bored with looking at your constellation. You think it may not be as pretty as you thought it was. And those other constellations start to look awfully appealing...

I hope my tips are helpful!
Hopefully, I will have the next much-delayed short story runner-up posted soon.

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Sarah Coons said...

You didn't tell me you were sick too! You're a trooper :) I've had so many pageviews on the blog already and thought your guest post was wonderful.