A compilation of my works, current and not-so-current.

Wings Trilogy

image copyright Matthew Bradbury

Once a single book, this story is now in the process of being rewritten and split into three novels.

Genre: Christian High Fantasy
Status: First Draft/Second Draft
Word Count: ~250,000

Carseld. Small, placid, once independent - now succumbing to the corrupt but powerful nation of Andun. Arionwyn, a mountain girl turned spy, accidentally becomes one of only two free Dragonriders and is thrown into the hopeless war. Assailed by her incompetence at every turn, she befriends a charming young man who seems to have all the right answers. But as Wyn tests her newfound wings, she finds that the people closest to her are not what they seem. She and her dragon are Carseld's wings of hope, but will they fall to the coming storm?

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The Dragonriders have returned to Carseld, and with them come the first glimmers of hope since the war began. But it isn't enough - Andun's vast army is stirring, and Klista, their queen, intends to utterly crush the rebellion. Soon the Riders are scattered around the country, attempting to contact the other half-mythological races for the first time in over two hundred years. Aaron, Arionwyn's friend and fellow Rider, is with her on a mission to the elusive Tulirans when they reunite with a dangerous enemy. Strange things ride upon the wings of war - friendships will be tested and old wounds reopened, but all must choose upon which side they stand.

Five of Carseld's six races have united for the first time in two centuries for what may be a suicidal last stand against Andun's invasion. Iri, ex-Rider and traitor to both sides, may be the only one who can reach the last race so desperately needed to tip the war in Carseld's favor - but to do it, he must reconcile with his estranged father and win the battle against the dark power in his blood. As the rebels struggle to survive and Iri despairs of ever succeeding, wings of shadow eclipse Carseld. To defeat them, every man and woman must give their all. But even that may not be enough...

Elf's Return 

image copyright Elizabeth Lewis
Sequel to Wings.
Genre: Christian High Fantasy
Status: Dream Stages.
 Word Count: 3,920.

The war is over, but the country is far from restored. Clark Irwinson sits on Carseld's throne, but the price of his reinforcements was the length of his reign - the Tuliran king has demanded the throne in seven years, and the other races are not far behind. While struggling to subdue the people's fear of a foreign ruler and reawaken the trade between Carseld and other nations, Clark is also troubled by a mysterious criminal, a pyromaniac haunting the Underlevels who calls himself Elsu and vows to bring the new king down. Clark's most trusted attendants are scouring the city for men who will replenish the guard core and protect the king against this threat, but Elsu's fires of treason are creeping ever closer, and the recruits are ragged at best. Will any of them be ready for their trial by fire?


image copyright YG Entertainment

 Short story.
Genre: Christian Science Fiction/Dystopia
Status: Polishing.
Word Count: 2,026

Far into the future, a kidnapped prince, heir to the greatest prophecy humanity has known for a thousand years, huddles in a derelict barge waiting for his savior. But the message he carries is greater even than superstition...and he is desperate to pass it on before it's too late.

Beckham's Finish

image copyright Alasdair Fowler
Short story.
Genre: Christian Fantasy
Status: Dream Stages/First Draft
Word Count: Unknown

Based on Andrew Peterson's song The Ballad of Jody Baxter

Beckham is a valued member of the army of a dying world. Every year, the Wasteland grows a little more and the only remaining city shrinks. But with the magic in his blood bound, Beckham sees no hope - until an arrest warrant and a street urchin show him differently.

My Fae Lady

image copyright indiamoon

Short story/novella.
Genre: Fairy Tale Retelling
Status: First Draft
Word Count: 27,000