Jun 28, 2013

Official Giveaway Post

Ok, so I'm tired of directing people to the post about the giveaway with all the clutter in it, so I'm going to make an Official Giveaway Post. Yes, this is two posts in one day. You're welcome.

Here is the original post, for those of you interested.

The reason:

I'll be attending my first ever writer's conference on August 2-3. The keynote speaker will be Jeff Gerke, so I'm giving away a copy of one of his books.

The prize:

Plot Versus Character by Jeff Gerke

"What's more important to a story: a gripping plot or compelling characters? Literary-minded novelists argue in favor of character-based novels while commercial novelists argue in favor of plot-based stories, but the truth of the matter is this: The best fiction is rich in both.
Enter Plot Versus Character. This hands-on guide to creating a well-rounded novel embraces both of these crucial story components. You'll learn to:
  • Create layered characters by considering personality traits, natural attributes, and backgrounds
  • Develop your character's emotional journey and tie it to your plot's inciting incident
  • Construct a three-act story structure that can complement and sustain your character arc
  • Expose character backstory in a manner that accentuates plot points
  • Seamlessly intertwine plot and character to create a compelling page-turner filled with characters to whom readers can't help but relate
  • And much more
Filled with helpful examples and friendly instruction, Plot Versus Character takes the guesswork out of creating great fiction by giving you the tools you need to inject life into your characters and momentum into your plots." (That's from Amazon, by the way. No need to thank me. ;))

Each participant will also receive an optional critique from me on the entry of their choice.

The rulez:

You may enter up to five stories (fiction, prose), as long as they are inspired by pictures from my Pinterest boards Waiting For My Pen or Souls.
Lower limit is 100 words, upper limit is whatever you like (just so long as it's not a novel. Yipe.)
You can write in any genre or even in no discernible genre at all.
Send your story/ies and attached picture/s to elizabeth liberty (at) hotmail (dot) com by Friday, August 2nd.
Include "Contest Entry" as your subject line.

The winners:
I will choose the three stories I like best (criteria are good writing, good characters, originality, uniqueness, and all that jazz) but I will also randomly pick three stories to go in with them. I will then randomly choose the final winner from that pool. The three best stories will go on the blog.

I got my first two entries today. YES! There are 35 days left, guys - plenty of time to pick out a picture (or two or three or five), write, and polish a little. And if you're tired of hearing about this already, well, too bad. ;)


Squeaks said...

Just a question... is the copy you're giving away a tangible book or would you do ebook as well?

Sandra said...

*peers from amidst the stack of papers* What!? Not a novel! *glances at pictures* But - but these picture inspire such a story! *pouts* Back to the drawing board.

ElizabethLiberty said...

Tangible book. Will that be a problem? :/ I'd love for you to enter!

Sarah Ellen said...

Congratulations on going to a writer's conference, Elizabeth! That's so exciting and will be a wonderful experience for you.

Your writing contest sounds like fun, and I'm not sure if I have the time to participate, but I will check out your board. Perhaps inspiration will strike ;)

Sarah Ellen said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I just sent a few entries to your writing contest, but I realized I never included any titles. Is that a problem? If you prefer titles, let me know and I'll send an email in the same format with those for you. Thanks!

ElizabethLiberty said...

Fantastic, Sarah! Thanks so much! :D I can work title-less, but if you have titles I'd prefer to use them. ;)

Katie said...

Question! Will you post who your top three are for further bragging rights? :D

ElizabethLiberty said...

Yes! The top three stories are going on the blog. :D