Jun 15, 2013

Two upcoming books in my to-read stack! PLUS giveaway update

Hey guys! Today I'm promoting a couple of upcoming books that are in my to-read list on Goodreads.
(Here's proof! They're down at the bottom. Meaning they're quite recent adds. ;) One by my crazy buddy Mirriam Neal, the other by fellow fantasy-goer Brian McBride.

Incidentally, the public release of Monster is today. Yep! You heard me! She's having a book blitz to boost her ratings, so go over there and buy it. Pronto, because I'm late posting this.

I had the pleasure of reading this book while it was being written, and let me tell ya, it is well worth the $15. It's clean but gripping sci-fi with characters that'll tear your heart out.
The year is 2053, and the world is recovering from a Morbus, a plague that swept across the globe, destroying millions of lives. Eva Stewart is a promising young WorldCure scientist assigned to a facility in Alaska where she is made a Handler and given her own human Subject for research and experimentation. What she believes to be a step up in her career becomes a nightmare when she discovers writing on her Subject’s cell wall. "I still have a soul." Soon Eva is drawn into a horrific plot kept quiet by WorldCure, and as everything she knew collapses around her, she must discover the truth behind her Subject, her beliefs, and herself.

Link to her Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/mirriamelinneal?fref=ts
Link to her book on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18076372-monster
Link to her main character's fan page:https://www.facebook.com/subjectmir 

Paradox by Brian McBride is a Christian fantasy novel aimed at the young adult audience (14-18).

Four troubled teens, two worlds, one God, one goal: to defeat the Darkness before it's too late. When David, his twin sister Alicia, and their two best friends, Jake and Hannah, stumble through a portal and into another world, Paragon, they discover that they are not who they thought they were... they are descendants of an ancient race known as Starcrafters, and they've been endowed with God-given abilities - impossible abilities.

They train and learn to harness their abilities. Now, they are ready to take on the Dark Prince.
Their attack on the prince is interrupted, however, when they are taken by a group known as the Renegades who are after universal domination by means of an artifact known as the Paradox Stone.
They must escape the Renegades, retrieve the stone, and defeat the Darkness; all while learning to trust one another and work as a team, and to put their faith in the one true God.

Paradox is soon to be released by Outskirts Press and is the debut novel of seventeen-year-old author Brian McBride.

Link to his Facebook author page - www.facebook.com/authorbrianmcbride
Link to his blog - www.jointhestarcrafters.blogspot.com
Link to his Goodreads - www.goodreads.com/author/show/6917973.Brian_McBride
Link to the book on Goodreads - www.goodreads.com/book/show/17315275-paradox---the-starcrafters-saga-book-one

Now, in case you were wondering what the "giveaway update" was all about, I realized that in my last post where I announced said giveaway, I made a typo. It said you needed to turn in your entries by Tuesday, August 2. I meant Tuesday, July 2, but I had August on the brain. So after some thought, I have extended the deadline another month to Friday, August 2, which is the day I'll be at the conference (YAY). Perhaps I can even get the book signed for you. Perrrrhaps.

Also, if you can't find anything of interest on my Waiting for My Pen board, I may be persuaded to allow a few entries using pictures of people from my Souls board. Best of luck, and I'm still eagerly waiting to see what is sent my way. ;)



Leah K. Oxendine said...

This is really random, but since you mentioned your Souls board...well, tbh, that's one of the most epic character inspiration boards on Pinterest. ^_^

Sandra said...

Neat! I'll have to look the books up. :)*whines* Ah, E! Stop making it so hard. I finally just decreased the pictures I grabbed from your Writing inspired board to five.;D

Elizabeth/Shawnie said...

The Souls Board? O.O Plllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeeeee, E? :beg: :beg: ;)