Jun 28, 2013

Setting: Ballroom

Hey there guys! Today I'm going to do something a little different, something I've not done before but have been wanting to do for a while. I'm sure most of you writers have heard of The Bookshelf Muse (and if you haven't go check it out - it's an amazing resource.) Over there, they have a Setting Thesaurus I've been using extensively. (See this post if you're wondering exactly what a Setting Thesaurus is and what it's for.) They have a ton of locations - some of the ones I use most frequently are woods at night, mountains, and medieval marketplace. But soon, those weren't enough for me. I wanted more - especially fantasy-tailored settings, since they have a few but not that many. So I started making my own.

This is a ballroom setting  I thought up last night, with some help from my friend Meaghan over at Within the Writer's Wardrobe.

rich fabric, embroidery, jeweled shoes, ladies laughing, gloves on elegant hands, curls of elaborate hairdos, band or orchestra playing, chandelier, flickering candles around the room, food laid out elegantly on side tables, balcony, bottles of wine, flowers, moonlight through open windows, ornamental knives or swords at men's waists, bead-encrusted dresses, filigree on walls and ceiling, gold-trimmed dishes, whirls of movement, made-up faces, sparkling jewelry, plants real or fake, musicians swaying, rows of tables, elegantly presented food, trickling fountain, stone steps or staircases, couples flirting or kissing in corners, benches in out-of-the-way places to rest

drums, fiddles, violins, singing, people laughing and talking, clapping, feet tapping on the floor, skirts swishing, familiar rhythms of songs, one-two-three beat of a waltz, music thrumming through the walls, murmured words in your ear, pouring wine, trickling water from fountain, tinkling chimes or bells, blowing curtains, chewing, doors opening and closing, welcome speach by host/hostess, tuning instruments, scrape of chairs, clinking of beads, soft breeze through stifling room, nervous tittering laughter, flames guttering, melting wax, clink of wineglasses

sweat, perfume, herbs, food, soup, wine, soap, starchy clean fabric, night air from the windows, warm earthy stone, fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, steam from various dishes, meat, pie, pastries, smoke, water, dust, oiled leather, fur

hors d'ouvres, sweat trickling onto your lips, cool night air, expensive wine, cool water, fruit, punch, flaky pastries, spices

skirts swishing against your legs, swaying to the music, hand of your partner on your waist, bumping shoulders with people, toes stamped on, belly aching from laughter or too much food, wiping lips daintily with napkin, mincing along in expensive clothes, leaning against wall or railing, clothes scratching skin, finger of cool air from windows, dry mouth, nervousness in your stomach, clammy hands, prick of pins in hair, brushing along railing or door handle, being elbowed, colliding with someone in the crowd, serving yourself from dainty dishes, holding a gloved hand to your mouth to cover a laugh or yawn, blinking tired eyes, bracelet/necklace/other jewelry cool against your skin, tired legs, bowing/curtsying, thin stem of a glass in your fingers

So what about you? Have you used any of these setting thesaurus entries, and if so, which is your favorite? Can you think of anything else to add to this list? And what fantasy-themed location should I visit next?


Sandra said...

Wow! Wonderful description! How did you know I needed that?! This gives my some great inspiration for my dance scenes.

*blank look* Next location? Umm...Dungeon? Throne room? I know, two completely opposite locations. :P

ElizabethLiberty said...

They've already done one of those, unfortunately... (http://thebookshelfmuse.blogspot.com/2010/04/setting-thesaurus-entry-dungeon.html) but I may consider doing the throne room since I already have a start on that one. :D

Sandra said...

Tavern, maybe?