Jun 24, 2013

Music for Monday: Character Theme 2

I had a hard time finding a theme for Aaron, but then I remembered that I had a song for him, 'long many years ago as my mom would say.

Sweet Revenge ~ BarlowGirl

You live on so unaware
While I thought somehow this hate would heal me
But this hate is never ending
And it's only killing me

I probably should have made his ear pointed. Oh well.

This was the struggle that motivated Aaron for so long. He and Iri, his friend since childhood, had a...disagreement. It was a teeny bit more serious than that, since Iri threatened to kill him. Pretty serious, actually.

Iri, driven by bad decisions and emotional insecurity, broke his loyalties to the human army and sided with their worst enemy. Horrified, Aaron threatened to tell his father. That was where the death threat came in.

I find I can't get free
Till I release this vengeance that I seek
Forgive you, the only thing
I want to live...I'm ready to be free
Maybe you've been wounded too
Maybe all this is your self protection
All the hurts you thought were hidden
Are the one now hurting me
So who will make the pattern end?

A few months later, Iri waited in a remote mountain cave where he knew Aaron was going. Before the two parted again, Iri shot and killed Aaron's dragon and life companion, Blazeheart. Aaron was supposed to die with him, but instead he lived. In his grief he retreated behind a shell, letting no one get close to him. Fifteen years later, Wyn begins to break through that shell...

This is most of his character arc. As a matter of fact, is was so intrinsic to his character I wondered whether he would even be interesting when it was resolved (NO SPOILERS.) He was.

Expect one for Iri next Monday. I love his and can't wait to share it with you.


Sandra said...

Awesome! Man, I can't wait to read your book!! Aaron's past is very intriguing. He's got quite a good character arc.
Oh, Iri next, eh? Monday can't come soon enough.

Jenny Freitag said...

I know that feeling you get when your character's emotional backstory is what makes them so interesting. I had a narrow escape from that kind of thing with Rhodri in Adamantine. But! childhood friends turned deadly enemies? Very cool. I'm looking forward to Iri's character post!