Sep 26, 2012

More Discoveries (Pinterest, mostly.)

Hello! Yet another lazy day where it's time for a blog post but I have next to nothing to say. ;) You know what this means - PICTURES!

So let me say right now that I am addicted to Pinterest. It's a goldmine of distraction and inspiration at the same time. Most of my pinboards are writing-related and those of them that aren't are writing-related too. Seriously. It's. Amazing. And if you're subscribed to the right pinners, you get some pretty incredible stuff. Breakthroughs and ideas and revelations! (Wait, isn't that sort of the same thing as a breakthrough?)

My pinterest profile is here: E's Pinterest

I'm going to start off with some pretty random images. I've recently found out that I have a "thing" for freckles and another "thing" for Asian people. (They just so gorgeous!) This picture fits both. Plus, RED HAIR!!
This I want to know what's happening. The face paint/makeup and the rings wake up that shy little worldbuilder in me - is she part of a fantasy culture, and if so, which one? And who did she just kill?

This guy is just Scottish all over. Given that I'm in the middle of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander, (not recommended for anyone who doesn't have an incredible mom like mine to sanitize it for them, by the way) it's not surprising that this pic would catch my fancy. I mean, the hat! And he looks so determined.

I love pictures that encapsulate a feeling or a scene. This one is perfect - I can just see the children of the herbalist warming their feet at her fire, or the refugees who have warm toes and dry socks for the first time in weeks.

Here's another picture with a scene-in-the-making right under it. The shapes of the people and weapons are just vague enough for me to mentally make them into anything I want, and there's tension already there too - in the silhouette of the sword against the doorway, in the bowed head of the person at the bar. Something's going to happen - I can feel it.

These intriguing dudes are probably from the movie Tristan and Isolde, which taints my perception of them a little since I've seen the movie, but they're still a great reference. I love that their clothes are well-made and totally fantasy, but not extravagant as many fantasy clothes seem to tend to be. In fact, they look almost morose. Like something Aaron would wear on a good day.

Lastly: Go on your own picture hunt! This website has been a wonderful source of fantasy-ish pictures. It's all in German, yes, but fortunately the pictures aren't. Oh, if I could just learn German and GO there... click "Galerie" for the pictures. ;)

Signing out for now: