Fellow Warriors

Below are the sites of my fellows in the faith and the craft.

Holy Worlds Christian Speculative Fiction
A growing community of Christian speculative fiction writers (including fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction), Holy Worlds boasts a forum of nearly 600 members, tips and advice on almost any writing-related topic you can think of, and an atmosphere of friendship (and chaos, but we won't mention that now.)

Into The Book
Run by brothers Andrew and Caleb Joyce, this site offers reviews on many popular books by Christian and non-Christian authors. Prepare to find something actually worth reading.

Get it Write Tonight by S. Alex Martin
Chock-full of practical writing tips from the venerable Scott Martin.

Hidden Doorways by Squeaks
RANDOMNESS ALERT! Also ... fun. And contests. And did I mention fun?

The Christian Writer's Haven by Son of the King
This blog is dedicated to all writers who are interested in Christian writing related topics (no matter how random they are) and other blurbs that may be related to the author's book ITML. Almost as fun as Hidden Doorways (could it be the two are related?)

Within the Writer's Wardrobe by Meaghan Ward
Lost between a dream and reality, an epic adventure and the dull mundane... or at least that's the way Meaghan Ward likes to describe herself. More fun, more artwork, and *gasp* STORIES!

Enter the Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson
Adventures are funny things ... and you may find them here. Christian author Wayne Thomas Batson of The Door Within and The Berinfell Prophecies live and in person!

A Song in the Night by Katie Daniels
Beautiful poetry by my friend Katie. Don't be afraid to get lost in her whirling world of dreams...

Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden by Mirriam Neal
Stop by Mirriam's blog to laugh, learn, and generally fangirl.

Go Teen Writers
Hundreds of articles aimed at helping teen writers - and older ones too - and managed by two epitomes of amazingness: Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson! (Check out the Facebook group here.)

The Bookshelf Muse
One of the most helpful writing websites I have ever found, The Bookshelf Muse hosts an entire collection of thesaurus entries featuring over fifty character traits, one hundred settings, as well as colors, shapes, textures, and symbolism.

This page will be updated as I find new websites and manage to remember old ones.

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