Aug 16, 2010

First ever blog post....whee!

Well, here we go.
I suppose I should begin by telling you a little bit about me. Though, what with the profile info...forget it. Let's start instead by me telling you what you should expect from this blog. A whole lot of zany, very little sense, and perhaps some hidden messages...nah, forget that last part. Anything profound is about three miles beyond me.
Let's get a little more specific, shall we?
So from my interests (and those of you who know me and connect with me via facebook) you probably know a little of what you'll see here: epic music, story excerpts, conversations with the people inside my head, etc. I'll expect feedback from y'all in return, just to let you know. I'm always welcome to any sort of constructive criticism. So don't be shy.
I'll also occasionally be posting pictures from my excursions, whether to my backyard or to the big city, musems and such. the intervals between posts may vary from daily to over a week. I have a rather...erratic schedule.

Well, so ends my first blog post!

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