Nov 29, 2010


Well, I made up for not having any epic music today with the last post, so I felt the need to post something else... except there is nothing in my brain currently and I am staring blankly at the blinking cursor.

Hum. *purses lips* Well, I'm hoping to have my first draft finished by the end of the year *does a happy dance* so not much trouble there. Political junk to clear up, and all that sort of stuff. Though I do have some things that I'm still foggy about. I'd like some opinions, if you please. *elegant bow*

(I have not disclosed names to protect the innocent [plot].)

Dilemma No.1: Most of you are probably aware that I have three Main Characters (hereafter referred to as MCs.) One of these is deadly ill currently and I am debating whether or not to have him die while his death has significance. I don't know if the story will feel cheap if all three come out unscathed, so ...

Dilemma No.2: The person currently in line for the throne is the son of the Human High King, so it would make sense that he would rule. But the Humans have ruled for over a century, and only because the other races were driven away by a war and were recently driven back together by another war. Should I have one of the other rulers contest for the throne, or would it get too messy?

Dilemma No.3: Should the enemy be allowed to stay in the country if they wish? My mom suggested this and now she doesn't seem to think it was a good idea. Most of the enemy army want to go back to their own country, but it could be both helpful and harmful to allow whoever wishes to stay there. They could stir up rebellion on one hand; on the other, they could help the country recover from the damage they inflicted.

Dilemma No.4: What should the Dragonriders do now that they aren't fighting? Police? Or what? I'm just going totally blank on this one.

A little help on these would be much appreciated.
Lady E

Nov 17, 2010

So it isn't Monday, but ...

This is one serious piece of Epic!!
Posted just this morning as a tribute to Two Steps from Hell's fans and a preview of their 2011 album Eclipse, I have already decided it is one of my favorite all-time TSfH songs. *maniacal laughter*

Composer: Thomas J. Bergersen
Artist: Two Steps from Hell
Album: Eclipse (coming 2011)
Images: dragons soaring, diving, blasting fire; cannonballs impacting the walls of a besieged city; roiling waters of a whirlpool; ship's flapping sails as it outruns the hurricane; cavalry charging down the slope toward the battle below; duel between black and white blades; assassin taking aim at the King; sparkling water cascading off the back of a sea serpent.

Give me your images! And bookmark that song!! *dances*

Nov 3, 2010

Discoveries (Helpful Ones)

So y'all are thinking that it's about time for another post?

Well so am I.


Hmm, how about some discoveries that I made recently? Writing-related, of course. Here we go:

So yesterday I was browsing my Youtube favorited videos, and found a demo of swords by Darksword Armory. I decided to visit their site and check out their inventory, and I found that I really liked it. Although it doesn't have as much volume or variety as a lot of other medieval sites, they have a nice setup and feel very clean and easy to navigate. And their This site is a really good source for pictures because of the clear views of the weapons themselves. They also feature some very nice test videos of the swords and their *heh heh* destructive power. Their portfolio of each sword is very informative with a bit of history about each one.
All this can be found at the Darksword Armory website.

Yes, this is a Dungeons and Dragons generator. No, I don't do D & D. I have, however, found that some of their material is very useful for writing. Take, for instance, this gen. You can input the first letter and last letter of the name, the first letter of the surname, the character's race, and other things to give it a specific feel. There are various name generators I like to use but this one was the most helpful one I've discovered recently, so I am most generously sharing it with you. *elegant bow*
The generator can be found at this location.
Other generators I like to use are Chaotic Shiny, Seventh Sanctum, and Yafnag.

One more before I have to go:

Alright, admit it. Most of you writers have injured a character at one point or another. Yes? So now that we have that established, I have observed that it is rather difficult to injure someone when you don't know how precisely that person is built. I only found this site a couple days ago, but I can already tell it's going to be very, very helpful. It offers large and detailed diagrams and explanations of almost every conceivable part of the body. I have yet to explore the rest of the site, but it appears to be interesting and I will keep you posted on that.
This can be found at Bartleby, Great Books Online.

Let me know what you think of these!