Nov 29, 2010


Well, I made up for not having any epic music today with the last post, so I felt the need to post something else... except there is nothing in my brain currently and I am staring blankly at the blinking cursor.

Hum. *purses lips* Well, I'm hoping to have my first draft finished by the end of the year *does a happy dance* so not much trouble there. Political junk to clear up, and all that sort of stuff. Though I do have some things that I'm still foggy about. I'd like some opinions, if you please. *elegant bow*

(I have not disclosed names to protect the innocent [plot].)

Dilemma No.1: Most of you are probably aware that I have three Main Characters (hereafter referred to as MCs.) One of these is deadly ill currently and I am debating whether or not to have him die while his death has significance. I don't know if the story will feel cheap if all three come out unscathed, so ...

Dilemma No.2: The person currently in line for the throne is the son of the Human High King, so it would make sense that he would rule. But the Humans have ruled for over a century, and only because the other races were driven away by a war and were recently driven back together by another war. Should I have one of the other rulers contest for the throne, or would it get too messy?

Dilemma No.3: Should the enemy be allowed to stay in the country if they wish? My mom suggested this and now she doesn't seem to think it was a good idea. Most of the enemy army want to go back to their own country, but it could be both helpful and harmful to allow whoever wishes to stay there. They could stir up rebellion on one hand; on the other, they could help the country recover from the damage they inflicted.

Dilemma No.4: What should the Dragonriders do now that they aren't fighting? Police? Or what? I'm just going totally blank on this one.

A little help on these would be much appreciated.
Lady E


Kimberly said...

...a word in defense of the enemy soldiers who might wish to stay...
they were nearly all compelled to fight by a wicked sorceress and would not have otherwise attacked.

Still not sure which would be the proper choice. Those who would stay would be those who had nothing to go back to. But it could lead to trouble down the road.

Jenni said...

Dilemma #4 -- well, if they were keepers of peace & justice, they'd be like the Jedi. ;)

Perhaps... that would be a whole 'nother book plot -- what they will do with themselves? It's one of those things not many stories talk about.

Abigail said...

I know I don't know to much about your story but here are my suggestions. Maybe they will be some help...shrug...

Dilemma 2 Maybe someone from one of the other races should rule. For a change. Maybe the humans should step down and let some else rule. Someone who could be a good ruler...I don't know. Unless maybe the son is better fit to rule? Maybe it would be better if he was to rule? Maybe the all the races could figure that out.
I know not much help.

Dilemma 3 I think the enemy
should be booted out. Hey they are the enemy they should be made to leave. I wouldn't trust them on any level. Not even to clean up :)

Dilemma 4 Go have a life? :) Fighting is tiring wouldn't they want to have a rest?
As I said I don't know much about your story so...
Well I am sorry but I dont really have any suggestions for Dilemma 1...Killing a main charater is hard. But sometimes it is nesecary and makes the story...better?

Sir Emeth Mimetes said...

Any time there is an upheaval like that, everyone with any chance of a bid for a throne goes for it. Always. They can't afford to miss the opportunity.

As for the roles of the Dragon riders and soldiers in the new era, I would look to popular opinion to get your clues. Whoever ends up ruling will want to appease the people to make sure that his throne is secure (you don't want a revolution in the middle of an overthrow, bad stuff happens).

If a group of people are disliked and hated by all, do something mean to 'em (just not too mean, or they will be pitied and you will seem like a bad guy). If they are already pitied, reinstate them, but don't give them advantages over the people. This goes for both the soldiers and the dragon riders.

Hope that helps. :)

Melissa Barker said...

Okay, I don't know anything about your story, but I'll try anyway :o)

#1-- how is the main character viewed by the reader? Is there a future for him in another book perhaps? If you want a little more drama, but not too much how about one of the other characters dying?
I don't think the story will be considered cheap if no one dies.

#2-- A contest for the throne is thrilling. However, if you want to end with this book then I think the son should win... if you want a continuation then you can let someone else win and you'll have a ton more to write about in a sequel. I would look at the history of kings in the Bible. There were many in succession that were bad and then some good.... it may give you some ideas.
#3-- I agree with Kimberly... if they choose to stay it would likely be the ones who have nothing left to go back to. I would think that if I were forced to fight a war, were an enemy of the country, then I would not want to stay, but return to my homeland. As for letting them stay, how long ago were they kicked out? Are we talking a new generation here? Old views and traditions die hard... the older generations may still have hard feelings for being kicked out and may wish to fight whereas the new generation may not harbor these same feelings or at least be less likely to wage war again because of the views of a dying generation.
#4-- I don't know who the Dragonriders are and what role they played in your story. Were they simply fighters and not much is said of them? Are they a detailed part of the story where you have to give the reader closure for them? Closure is best, but it can be something very simple or even a subtle suggestion. Perhaps they form their own group (army) that just travels around fighting for other countries at war... IDK? Sorry, can't be much help on this one without a little more detail.

Your story sounds exciting. Although I do not typically read fantasy or science fiction I would love to read what you have written. I am intrigued :o)