Nov 17, 2010

So it isn't Monday, but ...

This is one serious piece of Epic!!
Posted just this morning as a tribute to Two Steps from Hell's fans and a preview of their 2011 album Eclipse, I have already decided it is one of my favorite all-time TSfH songs. *maniacal laughter*

Composer: Thomas J. Bergersen
Artist: Two Steps from Hell
Album: Eclipse (coming 2011)
Images: dragons soaring, diving, blasting fire; cannonballs impacting the walls of a besieged city; roiling waters of a whirlpool; ship's flapping sails as it outruns the hurricane; cavalry charging down the slope toward the battle below; duel between black and white blades; assassin taking aim at the King; sparkling water cascading off the back of a sea serpent.

Give me your images! And bookmark that song!! *dances*

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Anthony Rosenthal said...

ah.... i like this one. It has a real heroic feel to it. I have an assortment of TSFH on one of my playlists on and it really helps me write... someone mentioned them on Holy Worlds Forum and I gave them a listen and was hooked. This song gives me the image of a group of knights riding hard through a mountain pass on their way to lend their much needed aid to an army. They are the stuff of legends come to life, and when the enter the battle the tide will turn in the favor of good verses evil..... great stuff. :) Thanks for sharing it!