Dec 22, 2010

Fantasy Inspiration

Thought I'd post some inspiring photos, since I didn't feel much like writing anything today. :)

I credit Meaghan Ward over at The Patriot's Call for finding some of these, and whoever else found the rest of them for those. *cheesy grin* Some of them I found on epic youtube videos, and some of them I'm really not sure where they came from.

I love the structure and colors and the story behind this one, even though I don't know what it is. The castle is amazing. I want to find out who that person is, and what he's doing.

This guy came from a video of the song "Man of Steel" by Fired Earth Music. The music is nice, but I love the person because of his expression and the plain evil behind him. The clothing is a little extravagant but intriguing. Plus, he's an elf, so that kind of biases me. ;)

This picture is beautiful, modest, and action-filled, which I love. The lighting is almost dreamlike and her expression one of intense concentration. Blurry feathers and flying birds add to the intrigue. Who exactly is she shooting at?

This one has a rather sad feeling behind it. A silhouette is always intriguing to me. Colors are rich and with good placement.

Credit for this one goes to APoD (Astronomy Picture of the Day). This is a supercell thunderstorm. It's not exactly fantasy, but it has an amazing power behind it. Makes me think I need a lot more 'fantasy weather' present in my story, because this on Earth is INCREDIBLE.

This is a picture from Magic: The Gathering that I thought looked like my primary villain, Klista. I don't play the game, but the picture was (once again) on a youtube video. I almost flipped when I saw it. She doesn't look especially evil, but her expression is imperial and almost condescending. Colors are nice (green is my favorite) but not especially appropriate for a villain. I'll live, though. ;)

Well, I suppose that's it for now. You can get larger versions if you click on the thumbnail. If you have any neat pics you want to share with me, feel free. ;)


Jenni said...

I'd seen a couple of those before...very cool. :)

My brother has links to lists of awesome fantasy artwork -- I'll see if I can get him to comment with them. :)

Dieki said...

I don't have any links to lists right now, but here's a couple of my favorite ones:

I'm also a fantasy artist myself (Photomanips, not paintings!). Here's a few of my better works:

Annoyingly Anonymous said...

Some of these pictures are really, Cool!
I never seen any of them.

ElizabethLiberty said...

Whoa, Dieki! I've been following your blog and I love your artwork. The magical battle one is my favorite! Great lighting. I have the rainy castle picture one for my background currently, and I am really impressed by the light effects you did on it -- because it is definitely not raining in the picture I have. :D (Can you tell I'm kind of obsessed with lighting? :P I'm really bad at it.)
Here's a picture I altered digitally:

Dieki said...

Cool, thanks! I'm glad you like them.

The rain effect is actually pretty simple, I could show you how I did that if you like. :)

That's a cool picture, I like how you have faint lines from all over the image pointing at the focal point.

I just switched from GIMP to Photoshop for photomanips, what do you use?

Kyle Cheng said...

The first picture looks like a castle from the Lord of the Rings... or maybe a dwelling in the Elves' forest there...

ElizabethLiberty said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond, Dieki. ;) Sure, how?

I use Paint Shop Pro 7. Mom usually helps me with my graphics, since she has more experience with the program than I do. I can never seem to get the right effect unless she shows me how. :P

Those lines are actually a function of the "Sunburst" effect that I used. It automatically puts them in when you align the sunburst.

That it does, Kyle! I think it's my favorite out of the bunch.

Dieki said...

The method I usually use is:

Create new layer, and fill it with noise. Use the curves (Or levels) tool to massively increase contrast. Then add motion blur to simulate falling rain. Next, set the layer mode to Screen. Finally, use the curves (Or levels) tool to makes the darks darker, so that they disappear.

A variant of the technique can be used for snow, though I don't recall how I did that.

Ah. I've never used that...