Dec 10, 2010

Science Fiction for Friday

*thinking it's about time for some more sci-fi -- or would ya'll rather have fantasy? let me know.*

This can't be happening.
I told myself that every minute of every day. I couldn't be stuck in a Coreship cell with Tarika Trevis, the most dangerous criminal in the galaxy. I couldn't have gotten caught using the Equilibrium Complex. I couldn't be without Karelei ... it was an impossibly impossible impossibility.
Tarika stared at me with her creepily colorless eyes as I paced the floor of the tiny cell. The stark, glowing walls were beginning to whirl around me.

"They all do that," she informed me.
"Do what?"
"Pace. It never does any good."
I kept at it, just to prove her wrong. She was in front of me an instant later, blocking my path with an expression like stone. I jumped back into my corner. My back struck the wall, jarring all the air out of me. Ever since that dratted laser got me, all my Equilibrium was out the window.
"I can heal that," Tarika growled again, crouching next to me.
I curled into myself, the laserburn stinging like fire. "Leave me alone."

The door slid open.

Tarika jumped to her feet, fists clenched. I glanced up, deliberately keeping my hair in front of my eyes. Two guards in red uniforms cocked green Fighters at Tarika's head. "Not you," one rasped, eyes glinting behind his purple eyeband. "The kid."
"I still qualify as a kid," Tarika protested. I wondered for the first time how old she really was behind that hard face and jagged black hairstyle.
The second guard shoved her into the opposite corner and stood over her with his gun aimed at her heart. The other beckoned to me. I staggered to my feet, swaying with the barely perceptible roll of the ship.

“Arely!” Tarika cried, sitting up. “Aim for the blue, and look out for the –”
“Shut up,” said her guard. I just saw the handle of the gun impact her head as the door slipped closed again. I shouldn’t have been able to hear her cry of pain through the soundproof walls, but I did anyway.
I also heard the metallic buzz of Restraints as they settled around my wrists and saw the orange glow in front of my eyes as they confined my vision as well. The guard’s thick fingers dug into my upper arm, and I stumbled beside him along a long, curving hall.

The Restraints did not dissipate until it was completely dark around me. Something weighed my hands down. I glanced at it, but didn’t see anything so I groped with my fingers instead. My thumb hit something. A green Fighter laser streaked across the room, the low warble bouncing off wide, high walls and a star-strewn roof, illumined for an instant in brilliant colored light. I cocked the lasergun in my hand, ready to shoot at whatever attacked me. I’d heard of this.

That was the reason cold fear pooled in my stomach.

A blue light stabbed at my eyes from the left. I whirled to meet it, but it vanished. Something slammed into the back of my neck. I smelled burnt hair as I fell to the ground. The gun skittered out of my reach. Gasping, I rolled onto my back, but whatever had hit me was cloaked by darkness, smothering, concealing darkness.
Setting my teeth, I felt the back of my neck. Something warm trickled onto my hand. I jerked my hand away and automatically tried to look at my fingers to assess the damage, but the dark fell like a blanket before my eyes.

Cold laughter echoed to my right. Two points of blue light stared at me. I felt my own eyes grow wide. Every bit of warmth in my body seeped into the floor. My hands twitched. I reached for where I thought the gun would be.



Sir Emeth Mimetes said...

That was good. I like the emotion and the way you hinted at unique sci-fi technology without really describing it. I would have done a different name for the blaster (less old-style comic book feel, more epic), though. :)

I like your sci-fi, and I like your fantasy, but I think I like your short sci-fi better than your short fantasy. If that makes any sense.

Annoyingly Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of your fantasy so I wouldn't be able to tell you if I thought your Sci-fi is better then your fantasy.
This piece got my attention, great job on doing that!
There was this one thing though, I got really confused near the end. What in the world happened? Was she stuck in another room and the guard suddenly disappeared or what? How in the world did she get a gun? I got that she was fighting something “horrible” and that was suppose to be found out later. Was her mind being played with, clarification: were they breaking into her mind with some sort of machine/person?
Other then the confusing part near the end, I thought it was a attention grabbing place of work.
You don’t have to pick and choose between fantasy and Sci-fi, you could just do them both. Work on one then the other when your feeling bogged down by the one you were working on. This could be a lot of work too and maybe not such a good idea. *shrug* I don’t know. You could finish a fantasy novel then go to Sci-fi book or whatever. As far as I know there are no rules to only writing with one genre. (which I am sure you know) ;-)

Good word hunting

Son of the King said...

@ Elisabeth Liberty,

Wow, great post! I haven't read sci-fi for a long time, but you have me wanting to read it again. Thanks so much for sharing.

~Son of the King~
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