Oct 23, 2010

Science Fiction for Friday -- on Saturday? *shrug*

As promised. I wrote this at aobut 10:00 last night, so it's a bit delayed. Rayhan still won't talk to me, so we'll have to save his story for later. *sigh*

I was there when they brought him in, unconscious, mumbling incoherently, a long streak across the back of his Zangar getup torn and the flesh beneath red from laserburn and orange Restraints still flickering around his wrists and ankles. I don't know why I bother saying I was there, because where else would I be? Where else would a dangerous criminal be confined except the the galaxy's finest Coreship?
Yeah. Right.

I watched him, having nothing better to do, for the better part of an hour. The Restraints activated by the laser eventually faded. He wasn't going anywhere. I began pacing the room again. I hadn't done it in over a month, but restlessness had set in. I hadn't had a cellmate for over a year. I wanted some news.

In the middle of the fourth circuit of my pointless prowl around the mercilessly glowing walls, the youngster stirred and moaned. I squatted next to him, tracing a finger over the long streak of laserburn. He started upright, groaned, and sank back onto the metal floor. I rocked back on my heels and studied him again. Long, untidy brown hair, unusually aquiline features, startlingly blue eyes. I hadn't seen eyes like that since ... since ...

He peeked out through a thicket of brown bangs and scooted back against the wall, teeth clenched. "I know you. I know you, you can't be here. Go away. You're all over the Weave. Convicted for -- "
"Yes, well, we all know about that." I peered around his side, where the laserburn carried over to his left leg. "You should let me treat that."
"With your ... your witchcraft?" His voice was high and frantic, signifying near panic. "No. Get away from me. This isn't happening."
I moved back to my corner of the cell and leaned my head against the wall. A long silence ensued.

"You gotta name, kid?" I asked finally.
"Why should I tell you?"
"Far's I can tell, you're in the same boat as me. We're equals now." I pretended to examine my cracked fingernails. "You might as well spill."
He gulped. A lock of his bangs fell back over one eye. "A-Arely."
Huh. What parent names their cub something like that? I'd hate going through life with a name that meant Destiny. 'Course, Starfield wasn't much better.

"So," I drawled, licking my lips. "Whatcha in for?"
He appeared to be sorting through his memories. Another silence, this one stretching for at least five minutes, then; "Something they call love."
"Ha! Love." I grinned. He shrank farther into his corner. I ignored that. "So she dumped you and you went and did something stupid."
"Then what?"
"None of your business." He sniffed. "Why did they put me in here with you, anyway?"

"For fun. They like a fight every now and then. You want outta here?"
He didn't appear taken aback at the sudden question, as I'd expected, but a light of hope glinted in his colorful eyes. "I guess."
"You'll have to trust me."
He looked down. "I don't know how. I-I can't trust anyone, anymore."
"You'll have to learn." I narrowed my eyes, thoughts racing through my head like green Fighter lasers. "'Cause I'm your only way out."


Jenni said...

Write more, please!! :D

Is this connected to the last sci-fi bit you posted?

Sir Emeth Mimetes said...

Very good. :)

Thanks for posting more!

Katie said...

It doesn't seem to connect to the last bit. No, wait, I see. You changed POV. That's cool. :D

More! More!