Oct 12, 2010

Character Discussion No. 2

Chayten: Where is everyone else?

Me: I decided to bring just you in for now, since you're giving me such a hard time. Have at it.

Chayten: Have at what? *leans against a tree, scowling most immaturely*

Me: You know what. And no trees. This is an interrogation.

*trees vanish, and we are in a cold, bare metal room with buzzing fluorescent lights and a single metal chair*

Me: That's more like it.

Chayten: *suddenly sitting in and handcuffed to the chair* That is not fair. *flinches at the lights* Those are too bright.

Me: Glad we agree on something. For those of you who don't know, Chayten is a Tuliran. This explains his sensitivity to the bright lights. *leans comfortably against the wall and smiles* So...what do you want to talk about?

Chayten: *stops jerking on the handcuffs long enough to say* I thought you were in charge of directing this conversation.

Me: Odd. You thought wrong.

Chayten: Shut up. *tugs on the handcuffs again*

Me: As long as you're going to insult me, those aren't going to give. *sigh* Alright. Tell me about your childhood.

*Chayten looks up, golden eyes wide with alarm*

Me: Alright, we don't have to talk about that. How about your stint as a Rider for Klista?

Chayten: You are picking the most painful topics on purpose.

Me: Maybe because you don't have anything that isn't painful to talk about.

Chayten: And whose fault is that?


Me: What do you want to talk about?

Chayten: Nothing. Let me go back to the battle.

Me: You deserted!

Chayten: No I did not!

Me: Then what did you do?

Chayten: I... *looks down* I was angry at Arionwyn, and ...

Me: *gently* You can tell me.

Chayten: Afraid. When Lee interfered, I saw her for who she really was. And I knew... I knew that they would not forgive me for what I did, if they ever found out who she was. So I ran.

Me: I see.

Chayten: Can I go now?

Me: No. But we can delay the rest of this for later. This post has gotten far too long.

Chayten: *barely keeping back a whine* Does that mean you will keep me here until you work up enough courage to post again?

Me: I'll let you back into the main dungeon. Be prepared for *heh heh heh* development.

Chayten: Does that mean more fractalling? *cringe*

Me: *grin* Maybe.

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