Oct 7, 2010

Race No. 3 --- Tulirans

Here is some basic information about my race No. 3: Tulirans.

Tulirans are humanoid with a long, cat-like tail.

The Tulirans' eyes are gold and deep-set with a round pupil.

Their hair is coarse and thick with little shine, kept in waist-length braids or long ponytails. On the males, facial hair is mild, but most prefer to stay clean-shaven. The color is deep black or brown. When interbred with other races, a recessive gene often shows and they are born with silky, shiny gold hair. Among the pure-blooded Tulirans this is extremely rare.

Their noses are sharp and prominent.

Their skin is a deep brown (think African-American) to almost black. it is not thick, heals easily but also scars easily.

Their emotions can almost never be read on their faces. The forehead is high and broad, the cheekbones very prominent, the jawline strong and cleanly cut. This gives them a sharp-edged appearance.

Their build is slightly delicate, height averages from 6' 1" to 6' 8". The limbs are long but strong and slightly muscled. Their fingers are long and slender. Occasionally, among the less pure of their race, the skin under their fingernails, on their palms, and the soles of their feet will be pale.

Sense of sight rated at 4 1/2 (excellent), touch at 4 (very good), hearing at 3 (moderate), taste at 2 (poor), and smell at 2 1/2 (moderate). A weakness is sudden flashes of bright light. This can temporarily or permanently blind them.

Their movement is moderately quick, extremely graceful with very good agility, which enables them to climb even the most difficult of trees. Forest is their natural habitat. Their strength is moderate and their stamina poor. They can work magic and sustain it with moderate ease.

Their talent of gift from God is manipulation of wood, living or dead. Even the young ones can meld a piece of bark or a stick into a marvelous sculpture. The oldest and most skilled among them can make the tree spirits appear as visible beings and bend them to their will.

They hate wide, open spaces.

Their faith is strong but often twisted to reflect and serve their own ideals.

They are not known for their loyalty.

Their language is similar in sound and structure to French. They have fairly deep but sometimes nasal voices. If they learn English (called Lindian in my world) they will have trouble with contractions and many will drop them altogether. They usually speak fairly fast and loud enough for all to hear.

They have an affinity for fire and it is usually hard to enchant them unless they have been tainted beforehand.

Their leaders are chosen by royal blood or by a series of trials.

They prefer nocturnal hours.

Overall, they are a sharp, hard people. Their laws are merciless, and they often deal with others in the same manner.

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Squeaks said...

Wow *speechless* that's awesome! You put in so much detail! I absolutely LOVE this creation...it's brilliant!