Aug 1, 2013

Day 1

It is currently 11:00. I am exhausted and full of words.

We made it to St. Louis (with a small side trip on the way to meet Grace of fantasy photoshoot fame and climb in her amazing trees.) We drove in circles around the college, found the conference building, drove in more circles, and finally found our dorm. Then we went through a bunch of scanners and lasers and brain readers ... or at least it felt like it. Really, we just sat outside until we got put in touch with the right person in the right building and then they let us in.

So now I am making myself at home in the dorm, which is rather stark. I wish I had some markers to scribble on the walls with. That would make it so much more cheerful.


 There is a nice older lady in the fourth room of our suite. I feel sorry for her. 

This is not the nice older lady. This is Kaitlyn, pretending to be Cousin Itt.

Also, Kaitlyn pretending to be a ninja. The black pants really help, don't they? We all decided to sleep in the same room (and wake up at 6:45. Can't wait to see how that's going to turn out.)

Anyway, my bed is the only one not set up, and we are all very slap-happy. You wouldn't want to be here in this explosion of fun right now. You really wouldn't.

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Sandra said...

Oh! Wonderful! Thanks so much for coming to see me that was Awesome!

Hehe. Love the impression of Cousin Itt.