Jul 26, 2013

Six days...

"Chances of survival are dwindling into single digits now..."

Needless to say I'm starting to get frantic. But no need to worry! A certain conference faculty member has assured me that she'll have smelling salts handy. *goes to get a paper bag to breathe into*

May I remind you all that six days to the conference means that you have eight days to submit to my contest? That's right! A little over a week left, and I have a pretty decent pool to pick from. I am super excited.

In that note, I have something to show you...we went to town today and were very pleasantly surprised when the business cards were neither as expensive nor as time-consuming as we expected. We had a hundred of 'em printed for $25 in a couple hours - would have been sooner, except that I had to move the text around a bit so the words didn't get chopped off, and then we were fascinated by all the neat old machines in the print shop. Man.

 So here's the design (left is front, right is back):

And here's the finished product:

I am pumped to start handing these out. But I suppose that'll have to wait at least until tomorrow, because 10:30 Friday night isn't exactly the best time to promote a novel.



Sandra said...

Oh Wonderful! Those cards look fantastic!! If you have any extra afterward (which I doubt ;)) I'd love one or two. :)
Yipes! July went by fast. I'd better finished up my contest entry.

Sarah Ellen said...

Wow, Elizabeth, the cards look amazing! :)