Apr 15, 2013

Music for Monday: Character Theme 1

So in the middle of my three loads of laundry today, I was playing my mp3 player on shuffle all and I came across this gem by Elenowen.

Elenowen ~ Flying for the First Time

It came to me as I sang along that this song is perfect for Arionwyn, my main character number one, especially in the section of the story I'm working on at the moment.

(Yes, this is Emma Watson. No, Arionwyn's hair is not brown, nor are her eyes.)

Said a prayer with broken wings
Hoping to move toward greater things now
And face the fear

That I'm driftin'
Closer toward the skyline
Lookin' down on my life
Tryin' to get just one thing right

This is Wyn all over. In the part I'm working on, Wyn has just narrowly escaped being captured by the enemy, due to the intervention of a man who hardly knows her. This almost results in both of their deaths. In the following months she wrestles with guilt and inadequacy as she endures grueling training in archery, flight, and magic.

Fear has a way of playing games
Go a little, go your separate ways

Led to the open flame
Barely escaped
Now I'll never be the same

She knows the ordeal has changed her, stripped her insecurities bare. But there's a tentative joy that just won't go away - as one of only two free Riders she is valued, respected, and relied upon as she never was before. Not only that, but the flying itself is the only time she can forget, be really free.

What about you? Do you have themes for your characters - a song that's really just perfect for them?

Anyway, that's character theme number one. Now I suppose I have to go find one for Aaron.

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Sandra said...

That's Awesome. I like both the song and tid bit on Wyn.
I wish I had song to match my main character. But I haven't found one yet.