Mar 25, 2013

Music for Monday

So it's actually Monday this time. I'm proud of myself. ;) I was going to post something else, but I figured I'd hint at it now and post it in a couple days. It has pictures and everything. Don't miss it!

So today there's no epic, because I'm feeling introspective instead of epic today. It may be because I got no writing done whatsoever and am trying to figure out what's wrong. But today's video is pretty far from my usual genre. (And I know it has a strange screenshot, but seriously, just listen to it.)

I'm actually not sure what genre it is. Pop? Alternative? The lyrics website says it's electro-indie. This is the sort of thing I listen to when I'm not getting ideas from Epic. I usually end up picking pieces out of songs like this, since the video is so cryptic any attempt at giving it a plot would probably end up in disaster.

I love her voice, though, and the dusky, pastel color scheme. The impressions I get are someone grieving, a tragic event of some sort, regret, a bittersweet new beginning. Anyone else got any ideas?

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