Feb 22, 2011

Music for Monday (on Tuesday, again)

Yes, I know, I'm late. But by the time Youtube got this uploaded it was bedtime *bares teeth and shakes fist at procrastinator website*

Anyway, this is my first uploaded video. And, y'know, if y'all wanna subscribe ... *hint hint*

This is me playing Elfin Dance by Adolf Jensen on our 100+ year old piano.

From the music sheet:
A pleasing study in scherzo playing. The sixteenths even, well articulated, precise, yet light. The pedal, if used at all, must be held but little if any more than the time of an eighth note, and merely for the purpose of affording the fundamental a little more resonance. The tones before rests are always to be played with a finger staccato, the hand (and perhaps the arm) springing up a little but not enough to delay the movement. At a) the sustained tone is held out its full length.

To be played "Vivace con grazia", at quarter note = 80. Adolf Jensen, Op. 33 No. 5.

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Melissa Barker said...

You're very good! How long have you taken piano lessons? I took them for 6 years and although I enjoyed playing immensely I am sad to say that I have forgotten too much over the years and I was never as good as you are :o) I enjoyed hearing you play very much! M.