Jan 24, 2011

Epic Music for Monday

*zaps glaring snow and looming clouds into vibrant green grass and beaming sunshine*

*sigh* ... I wish.

So, I'm feeling the need for a little bit of cheering up, and this song does the trick almost every time.

Composer/Artist: Immediate Music
Album: Trailerhead
Impressions: Galloping across the plains; soaring aerial view over mountains; eagle's flight; a life progression; a planet whirling through space; elapsed time shot of a forest coming to life in the spring; dungeon locks breaking; candle piercing the darkness; ship sailing into sight around the edge of a bay; unsheathing of a magical sword; softly glowing crystals in a glittering cave; dragon hatching.

Share your own impressions. :D


Aubrey Hansen said...

Wow. Right now my initial impression is to go find out more about this artist. :D

Shawn Henderson said...

A slow dance; tears slipping down cheeks; wading in the oceans in rolled up blue jeans; rain pattering; a warm sunrise over the ocean; a ship sailing; eagles flying, released; sad happiness; reunion after a war; hope reborn; a glorious song; feeling His presence; a prince returning; Kachel's stand; Aslan's "resurrection"; soaring in the cold sky; an pleasant ache turned to melody; the lilies in Narnia (VotDT); snow whirling around; looking over a cliff, long hair whipping in the salty clean air around you;

I've listened to this piece at least 5 times today, when I found it. Thanks for sharing. Wow.

Luke said...

Soring through the skys high over mountains
Opening a book that has all the answers
Seeing Jesus come down from the sky and all the people rejoicing wow this is a powerful song lol