Sep 14, 2010

Character Discussion No.1

Me: Alright, I promised that I would have conversations with you guys on my blog, so have at it.

*profound silence*

Me: Why is it that you can always find something to say when I want you to be quiet and now you can say nothing?

*Aaron shifts uncomfortably, and Arionwyn looks at the floor*

Me: Alright, fine. We'll all sit here and keep our mouths zipped. See if I care.

Me: *two minutes later, a bit embarrassed* Can't you find anything to talk about? You can even argue for all I care.

Arionwyn: Wh-who's involved?

Me: Involved?

Arionwyn: In the conversation.

Me: All three MCs and some extras. Just you guys for now. Why? You've never been nervous about how many people are talking to you before.

Arionwyn: Before what?

Me: Nevermind. Is it the blog aspect that bothers you? Is that why you won't talk?

Aaron: Well, you never know who's listening. Uh -- reading.

Me: Iri, are you joining?

Iri: I feel...strange.

Aaron: You're in the Void.

Me: Not here.

Arionwyn: Then where is he? What point in the story is this? Is he still a villain? Has he even shot Blaze yet?

Me: Ummmm... I'll have to work on that. *pause* Honestly, do you have to be so difficult?

Arionwyn: I wanna go back to HW and play dodgeball.

Me: No. Aaron, aren't you used to tech and such yet? You have a facebook.

Aaron: You neglect it.

Me: Whatever.

Aaron: Do you have to do another battle?

Me: Are you complaining?

Aaron: No. Just asking.

Me: Yes, I do. It's the only way to vanquish Klista.

Iri: I want to help.

Me: No.

Iri: You never let me do anything.

Me: Oh, shut up.


Uriah W. said...

LOL! This had me laughing...especially the "I want to go play dodgeball!" :D Good job.


PrincessoftheKing said...

Rhain: Uh... Where are we?

Me: We're on Lady Eruwaidhiel's blog!

Kyra: You just spelled her name wrong.

Me: It's not my fault she has such a complicated name! =D

Rhain: I agree with Arionwyn. Let's go play some more dodgeball!

Me: Whatever. If you guys don't want to be social, I guess we'll go back to HW.

Kyra: You are the author, you know. I you wanted us to be social, you can make us social!

Me: I need the smiley that rolls its eyes!

Squeaks said...

Hey Elizabeth! I love your blog :P I found it when I curiously clicked on your picture from the blog "Encouraging Words for Writers" (I see you joined just after me). I found this post to be hilarious :P You and your characters are quite the crew!

I'm from (just in case you ever become curious of who I am lolz XD )


Lauren said...

Hey, awesome!
Poor guys. Especially introverted Aaron. Being on a public blog can't be fun for him. :P
Azura and Arctax would input, but I'm not letting them right now. ;)